Aishwarya Rai’s daughter Aaradhya pictures !

The Bachan pariwar has taken all the necessary steps to keep their precious new family member Aaradhya away from the media since the time of her birth. Now, the photos of Aaradhya has hit the net through the efforts made by an Indian English daily.

As per the reports from the officials of the English daily, the exclusive photos of Aishwarya Rai carrying Aaradhya cuddled up closely with her chest. As the photos have been taken from a distance, the face of  Aaradhya is not clear.

Aaradhya photos have been in demand since the time of her birth. The Bachchans have avoided offers from international magazines and asking for Aaradhya's pictures for around  15 to 20 million dollars. This is the first time that we've got clear pictures of Aaradhya and next on people's mind will be the curiosity to see her face.


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