Australian Girls

Australia is definitely an amazing place to live or just to visit, if not to see all of the famous locations and indigenous animals like kangaroos, you have to check out all of the girls. Being a surfing country, most of Australia’s women are just naturally fit by nature, and as you can see by our list of our Top  Australian Girls, that have beauty to back up the bodies.

Top 12 Australian Girls
Isla Fisher: Not Crashing Weddings
Isla Fisher makes the list not only for her great performance in Wedding Crashers, but also for being married to one of our favorite funnymen Sacha Baron Cohen.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Miranda Kerr: Victoria’s Newest Secret
With her huge success with Victoria’s Secret, there is no way that we can’t include Miranda Kerr.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Holly Valance: Plunder Down Under
We love multi talented girls like Holly Valance, not only is she a hot model, but also an accomplished actress and singer.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Lisa Jenkins: Upcoming Star & Model
Because half Japanese and half Australian sounds like an awesome combination to us.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Erin McNaught: Miss Australia 2006
This girl is all over the place, there is no way we could have left her out.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Jessica Gomes: 2009 Sports Illustrated Pics
Any girl that looks this good in Sports Illustrated deserves a spot here, if not 2.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Emily Scott: Holy Wow!
Emily Scott needs no explanation as to why she is on our list, she’s just that hot.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Lauren McCleod: Not a Highlander
For the excellent way that she looks in a bikini.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Krystal Forscutt: Need For Speed Babe
For being the first Australian to have a character in the Need for Speed video game series.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Ashleigh Sudholz: Loves to Ride
Because any girl that loves to ride horses has to have stamina in other areas too.
Top 12 Australian Girls
Sophie Monk: Love A Calendar Girl
Because we loved her in both Click and Entourage.
and least but certainly not least…
Top 12 Australian Girls
Nicky Whelan: Go Down Under
If a girl looks this great upside down, she has a lot of potential.


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